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Jonathan Sposato

Man of Integrity

Jonathan Sposato is a serial entrepreneur and investor. He has the distinct honor of being the first person to sell two companies to Google, Picnik.com and Phatbits. Sposato serves as Chairman and Co-Founder of Geekwire.com, a northwest technology news site and is the CEO of PicMonkey, an online photo- editing service.

Sposato is passionate about helping increase the number of women working in technology, which is why he has deliberately invested in many startups founded by women, such as Glamhive, GiftStarter, Runway2Street, Poppy, Scout, and others. Most recently, he made headlines and turned heads in the business community when he vowed to only invest in female founded companies. Sposato is also the author of a new book, 7 Ways to Win With Women In Tech, which provides managers, CEOs, and Board Members a guide to building a sustainable, robust female

workforce at all levels.

Dedicated to supporting community, Sposato also founded WeCount.org, the first non-profit to apply consumer internet and smart phone technologies to help the homeless receive items critical to their survival on the streets.

Prior to his work in start-ups, Sposato was a senior manager in Microsoft’s consumer division. Sposato served as a key player in the formation of Xbox, the Xbox games business, and various MSN applications.

Sposato attributes his values of gender equity to his life experiences being raised by a single mother and his tenure in the Tech industry where the two most creative and effective managers he had were women. Sposato received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from Whitman College in 1989 and currently serves on their Board of Trustees.