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Why we need a registry:

The purpose of the Washington State Parkinson Disease Registry is to make Parkinson disease (PD) research happen faster by connecting people with Parkinson disease to the research community.

We do this by:
  • Informing patients about upcoming research trials for which they would be good candidates

  • Assisting researchers with the recruitment of eligible patients
Why this is important:
  • There is still much to learn about PD. Continued research is essential to a better understanding of disease progression, possible therapies, and an eventual cure.

  • It is crucial for people with PD and people without PD to participate in PD research.  Without your help therapeutic discoveries will slow.

  • Patient recruitment is often times the essential and limiting factor in how quickly the research can be completed.
Who is eligible:
  • People with PD or related disorders

  • People with an increased risk of developing
    PD or related disorders

  • People without PD (controls)
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Washington State Parkinson Disease Registry

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