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Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation

Annual Meeting Speaker: Jim Lane

We are very pleased to announce we will have a special speaker at our annual meeting, Jim Lane, editor and publisher of the Biofuels Digest. Jim is undoubtedly the best connected, most knowledgeable person to speak to the future (and present) of how our more traditional pulp and paper markets are interfacing with the growing "bioresource" business. This is an opportunity for you to personally meet Jim during the conference and to hear what he has to say about new market development.

WPPF Update: February 2019

Members, Alumni and Friends of the Foundation: Here it is February and time for my January "welcome back" note to our members, friends and students. We got together for the annual Dick's burgers event and shared our holiday stories.

Several students attended the TAPPI Student Summit in Kalamazoo. In addition to the contacts and interviews they made we received a note from an industry attendee that the "group from the UW was well prepared, professional and represented the BSE program very well."

Classes are underway and our first year students are settling in after their first quarter at the UW. Our seniors are evaluating their job offers and making plans to start a career. We continue to see graduates taking jobs across the country, wherever the best professional opportunity presents itself. Our students can compete with any of the graduates from other schools.

Kurt continues to upgrade the capability of the Wollenberg lab. The paper machine is running faster, making a heavier sheet and using unique furnishes. He is providing contract services for a growing number of clients. Contract work provides our students the opportunity to work on real projects, with real schedules and results that are important.

It was a good year for member info sessions. More than a dozen firms hosted our students and conducted interviews. Our members continue to appreciate the opportunity to engage students without the crowds and impersonal connection often encountered at job fairs.

We are in the early stages of organizing out approach to maximizing the opportunity provided by the College of Engineering "Direct to College" (DTC) program. Briefly, DTC admits students to the College of Engineering as undeclared majors. Students will select a major at the end of their first year with BSE as one of the engineering options. We hope to attract up to 12 students each year from this program with the balance from community college transfers and College of the Environment pre-BSE majors.

Please also see our pdf update flier.

Wollenberg Paper and Bioresource Science Laboratory

The Wollenberg Foundation has made a transformational gift to the Bioresource Science and Engineering program, our students and the Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation in recognition of the Foundation's 50th anniversary. This generous gift of $500,000 will be memorialized by the naming of the program's pilot laboratory the "Wollenberg Paper and Bioresource Science Laboratory." The gift will add to the existing R.P. Wollenberg Endowment and significantly increase scholarship support for Bioresource Science and Engineering students.

The Wollenberg family has been significantly involved in the economy of the Pacific Northwest since their founding of Longview Fibre. As a charter member of the Foundation and later through their family's generosity the Wollenbergs have steadfastly supported our students.

Valuing our Members

The Foundation has been successful in our mission over the last 50 years largely because of the support of our member companies and friends of the Foundation. One of the things we often forget to do is thank other members for their support when we do business. When a business relationship involves a member, do you take a minute to say thank you for supporting the Foundation? When a company approaches you with a proposal to do business, do you ask "Are you a member of the Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation?" and then say "We consider membership an important part of the future of our industry." If you know of a firm that would benefit from Foundation membership, let me know. Take a minute and look over our membership poster so you can say "thanks" to the firms and folks who support our mission. - Mike Roberts

Give to the WPPF Scholarship Fund

WPPF Mission

To provide the pulp, paper and bioresource industries with outstanding, dedicated graduates in Bioresource Science and Engineering from the UW who have breadth and depth of knowledge, make immediate contributions, are future leaders and are grounded in the principles of teamwork, sustainability, stewardship and economic vitality.


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