WPPF 45th Annual Conference
“Celebrating our Heritage”
May 22, 2014

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Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation

... helping students of today
prepare for rewarding and contributing careers of tomorrow ...

How can you help?

Individual Contributions

Your contributions are making a difference in students' lives. Now your gifts can make an even bigger impact:

  • 50% match from the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences for new gifts

  • Matching gift programs by many employers

To give to the WPPF Scholarship Fund online, click here.

Remember when you make a gift to the University of Washington you can designate it for the Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation.

Please contact Michael Roberts at (206) 543-7554 or to discuss endowment or other gift options.

Company Memberships

The Washington Pulp & Paper Foundation is a dynamic organization of member companies committed to supporting the Bioresource Science and Engineering (BSE) program at the University of Washington and thus the future the paper industry and its allied industries. The Foundation also represents an investment in the future through students and technology. In no other way can we so effectively bring dedicated, talented and highly qualified young people into this industry and its allied industries.

The Foundation provides excellent returns on the contributions we receive. These returns result from:

  • Graduates of a rigorous engineering program that are highly qualified and "hit the ground running". Their performance and exceptional commitment to the industry translate to a high return on hiring decisions.

  • Students who are available for co-op and summer positions - an excellent way to accomplish meaningful work while getting a look at potential employees.

  • Well-equipped, cost-effective laboratory for carrying out technical work. Results are supplemented with advice and interpretation.

  • Faculty members who are available for brief consultation to in-depth contract work.

  • A way to make tax-deductible contributions to education while also benefiting the industry and your company.

  • A forum for industry leaders. The main event is the Foundation's Annual meeting.

About 40 companies comprise the Foundation's membership. Included are producer companies as well as a number of equipment, chemical supplier and engineering firms. These companies make annual contributions to the Foundation which are tax deductible and are clearly in support of higher education. Our membership levels carry the approximate relation to scholarships as shown below — and we are flexible in developing introductory memberships or meeting other needs.

We would be very pleased to talk with your company about the Foundation and would also invite you to visit us at the University of Washington.

Membership Levels

Membership Level

Annual Contribution

Relation to Scholarships



One Premium Level student for four years

Purple & Gold


One transfer student for two years



Two freshmen students for one year



One freshman student for one year



One freshman student for two terms

Custom – Organization



Custom – Individual




Contact us:
170 Bloedel Hall, Box 352100
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-2100
Phone: (206) 543-2763 FAX: (206) 685-3091


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