Wall of Fame

John C. Berg, Ph.D., 2017

Dr. John BergIn recognition of your steadfast support of our students for more than 50 years. Your example of technically astute teaching and personal commitment to individuals has set the example for our students to model in their careers.

Thomas L. Wolford, Ph.D., 2016

Dr. Tom WolfordIn recognition of your passion for support and education of Bioresource Science and Engineering students at the University of Washington. As WPPF Board Member, President and Executive Director, you have exemplified the highest standard of commitment to the Foundation. “It’s all about the students!”

Michael Haas, 2015

Michael HaasIn recognition of your passion for education of Bioresource Science and Engineering students at the University of Washington, regional pulp and paper employees at Lower Columbia College, and students in the Longview public schools. Your consistent representation of Longview Fibre and Weyerhaeuser as WPPF Board member, President and Executive Board member has sustained their support and exemplified Foundation membership.

Dean Emeritus Bruce Bare, 2014

Dean Emeritus Bruce BareIn recognition of your inclusive partnership with the Paper Science and Engineering program during your leadership of the College of Forest Resources. You provided us with strategic guidance and directed critical resources to the Foundation. The Foundation and students benefited greatly from the awareness and support you fostered across the University.

Bjorn F. Hrutfiord (1932-2010), 2013

Bjorn HrutfiordBjorn was a teacher, scientist, mentor, friend, tree farmer, athlete and gentleman. He is remembered for his tenacity, willingness to share his in-depth knowledge of wood and bio-chemistry, strong convictions about what was best for the pulp and paper school and its students, strength of character and respect for personal freedom - always rendered with his soft-spoken manner.

Bob Harris, 2012

Chairman and Founder, Harris Group Inc.

Bjorn HrutfiordIn recognition of exemplary leadership through corporate and personal dedication of time, talent and resources to our Students, the Foundation and the University of Washington.

Dean Emeritus David B. Thorud, 2011

Bjorn HrutfiordIn recognition of outstanding leadership in the College of Forest Resources that promoted a dynamic partnership with the Paper Science and Engineering department and support of its students.

Marlis West, 2010
In recognition of the many ways Marlis helped the Foundation achieve its mission to prepare students for successful careers in the pulp and paper industry.

Concern and caring heart for every student, efficiency in keeping the wheels of the Foundation turning, anticipation of the needs of the Executive Director and the Board, and always gracious and a close friend to many.

John E. Hanby, 2009
In recognition of John’s infectious enthusiasm for the mission of the Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation. His tireless leadership led to strongly committed supporting membership, enrollment of highly qualified students and campus-wide support for Pulp and Paper Science and Engineering. John genuinely cares for students and his countless hours of mentoring and encouraging students significantly impacted their lives and future careers.

Wollenberg Foundation, 2008
WPPF’s 40th Anniversary Celebration Recognition

Robert G. Guide, 2007
In recognition of outstanding and dedicated Foundation leadership as President and for numerous contributions to the Five Year Plan, Curriculum, and Development Committees.

Robert J. Seidl, 2006
In recognition of visionary leadership and steadfast participation in founding and guiding the Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation and contributing to lasting initiatives in the College of Forest Resources.

John D. Logsdon, 2005
In recognition of dedicated and outstanding leadership of the Foundation as President for an extended and crucial term of office, as a veteran and key committee leader, as a Board member and as a strong advocate for student employment.

Steven R. Rogel, 2004
Presented for influential Board participation and visionary leadership as Foundation President in 1988 and 1989. An aggressive 5-year plan, modernized facilities, fiscal growth and responsibility, increased endowment base and a regional program aligned with the industry needs were results of Steve’s leadership.

C. Norman Beckert, 2003
In recognition and appreciation for creating awareness of the Paper and Engineering program throughout the pulp and paper industry. Norm’s leadership developed a faithful foundation of member companies that have made the program’s mission and goals possible.

Donald F. Root, 2002
In recognition of your leadership and vision in pursuit of excellence in the Foundation’s future. Your dedication to the students and faculty in the Pulp and Paper Science and Engineering Program, motivated others to invest their time, talent, and resources in the Foundation, the faculty, and most important, the students.

W. Richard & Mary Ellen Denman, 2001
For your generous contributions to the Pulp and Paper Science and Engineering Program. You have encouraged and challenged pulp and paper students to learn well, and their faculty to teach with excellence. Your generosity insures the future health of the Foundation and the ability to recruit excellent students in the future.

Richard P. Wollenberg, 2000
For his generous scholarship endowments that have enabled dozens of students to become effective members of the pulp and paper industry.

Outstanding Alumni Award

In recognition of outstanding contributions of time, talent and financial support to ensure excellence in education in the Bioresource Science and Engineering Program

2017 – Roger P. Hagan (1953-2017), Class of ‘75

Roger P. Hagan

2016 – Gary Jergensen ('77)

Gary Jergensen
Gary Jergensen was unable to attend the Annual Banquet, as he was abroad building homes for Habitat for Humanity.

2015 – Edward Draper ('01/'03)

Edward Draper
WPPF President Dan Hickey (right) presenting the Outstanding Alumni Award to Edward Draper

2014 – Daniel B. Smith ('85)

Daniel B. Smith
Dan with daughter, Emma, and Prof. Bill McKean 2014 Annual Banquet

2013 - Paul A. Machtolf ('75)

Paul A. Machtolf
John Logsdon presenting the Outstanding Alumni Award to Paul Machtolf 2013 Annual Banquet

2012 - Jay Worth ('85)

Jay Worth
Jay with sister, Maria Worth 2012 Annual Banquet

2011 - Colleen F. Ponto ('82)

Colleen F. Ponto
Colleen with Tom Friberg (left) and son, Ben Ponto (right) 2011 Annual Banquet

2010 - Hou-min Chang (MS ’66, PhD ’68)

2009 - Miles A. Hewitt (’82)

2008 - Richard R. Gustafson (’77)

2007 - William T. McKean (PhD ’67)

2006 - William S. Fuller (’67)

2005 - Thomas S. Friberg (’76)