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The Paper & Bioresource Science Center continues to provide students with much more hands-on training in laboratory and pilot plant settings than most other degree programs at the UW. Students have the opportunity to work with pulping and bleaching of both woods and non-woods, as well as the opportunity to assist with running the pilot papermachine. Students who work on the machine early in the program will have a leg up on students when they take the BSE 436 papermaking class in their senior year. Students who work in the lab also have the opportunity to learn TAPPI Test Methods in the physical and optical testing of pulp and paper.

Paper & Bioresource Science Center clients often have a project and then will look for an intern for the following summer.

Senior students working in the Center are often given project management responsibilities that require them to recruit, train and direct other students to complete a project. This structure provides them with some early supervisory experience, as well as research responsibility.

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Services Offered: The Paper & Bioresource Science Center offers a wide range of services related to the processing of various biomass streams, as well as a large complement of paper physical and optical testing. Please contact Kurt Haunreiter to discuss your specific needs.

Summer Short Courses: To be announced