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The Washington Pulp & Paper Foundation is a dynamic organization of member companies committed to supporting the Bioresource Science and Engineering (BSE) program at the University of Washington. The Foundation represents an investment in the future through students and technology. In no other way can we so effectively bring dedicated, talented and highly qualified young people into this industry and its allied industries.

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Membership News

It gives us great pleasure to announce that ABB has rejoined the Foundation. ABB first joined the Foundation in 1991 and after a hiatus of a few years has elected to again participate. We would not be able to count ABB among our members without the help and support of Craig Rogers, account manager and 1992 UW PSE alumnus. Please welcome ABB and Craig.

Value Statements

The Foundation provides several benefits to our members. When polled about the value of Foundation membership, our members responded with a list of benefits they felt more than justified their participation. We are certain that everyone will find something of particular value to their organization.

  1. Opportunity to engage future employees while they are students
  2. Opportunity to present your firm to students at an exclusive information event
  3. Effective and efficient recruiting of future employees and interns
  4. Networking with other member firms who are potential clients
  5. Access to the paper center laboratory and pilot resources
  6. Recognition of your membership by clients who are also members
  7. An introduction to bio-based research
  8. Provides senior management awareness of the program
  9. Can be a part of a firm’s public outreach and advertising
  10. Opportunity to influence curriculum
  11. Unique opportunity for rural and first generation University students
  12. A way to make tax-deductible contributions to education while also benefiting the industry and your company

Our membership levels carry the approximate relation to scholarships as shown below - and we are flexible in developing introductory memberships or meeting other needs.

We would be very pleased to talk with your company about the Foundation and would also invite you to visit us at the University of Washington.

Membership Levels

Membership Level
Annual Contribution
Relation to Scholarships
Platinum $20,000 One Premium Level student for four years
Purple & Gold $10,000 One transfer student for two years
Gold $6,000 Two freshmen students for one year
Silver $3,000 One freshman student for one year
Member $2,160 One freshman student for two terms
Custom – Organization & Individual $ to be arranged Varies
Alumni & Friends $200