results from a study on the regulatory costs on U.s. salmonid farms*

Products from this wide-ranging study are now available in fact sheet, video, and infographic formats. Access data results for 11 states, 3 regions and the U.S. - all listed below.

VIDEO "Effects of Regulation" - - click, play, share

U.S. trout farming data highlights are featured in this video, TWO video versions are available for you to share (Generously supported and produced by Prairie AquaTech)

NEW - - INFOGRAPHICS by state or region - - Click on links to view, save, or print

(Infographic products generously supported and produced by Virginia Cooperative Extension, Virginia Tech, and Virginia Sea Grant)

WRAC FACT SHEETS by state or region - - CLICK on links listed below to view, save, or print

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For more information, contact Carole Engle (cengle8523@gmail.com) or Jonathan van Senten (jvansenten@vt.edu).

* Engle, C.R., J. van Senten, and G. Fornshell. 2019. Regulatory costs on U.S. salmonid farms. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 50(3):522-549; DOI: 0.1111/jwas12604

Research and outreach project funding:

    This project was supported by the Western Regional Aquaculture Center award number 2014-38500-22309 from the United States Department of Agriculture National Institute of Food and Agriculture, the United States Trout Farmers Association, and USDA-APHIS Cooperative Agreement award number 422526.

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