Remembering Fred Conte - Colleague & Friend "Aquaculture's Promise & Peril" - Naylor and Hardy lead Nature article released March 24th Coronavirus Food Assistance Program 2 (CFAP) applications accepted starting April 5, 2021 "This is Aquaculture" - UC Davis features Aquaculture Extension videos

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"Feeds for Production of Market-sized Cuthroat Trout" (Technical Report) The Effects of Regulations - access FACT SHEETS, VIDEO and INFOGRAPHICS "Evaluating Ingredients for Aquafeeds: Alternative Proteins for Trout Feeds" "Early Rearing of Cutthroat Trout" (Technical Report)


2021 National Aquaculture Extension (Now Online) Conference, June 7-11, Call for Papers

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National Aquaculture Extension Conference 2017, supported by WRAC and Sea Grant