Evaluation and improvement of solids removal systems used in aquaculture production

Dr. Walter Zachritz, II- New Mexico State University, Las Cruces

Peer-reviewed publications

Crandell PA, Gall GAE  1993.  The effect of sex on heritability estimates of body weight determined from data on indvidually tagged rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)Aquaculture 113: 47-55.

Zachritz WH II, Hanson A, Thomson B  1998.  Enhancing nitrogen removal in submerged surface flow constructed wetland systemsNew Mexico Journal of Science (38): 314-331

Extension publications

Piedrahita RH, Zachritz WH, Fitzsimmons K, Brockway C  1996.  Evaluation and improvements of solids removal systems for aquaculture. Successes and Failures in Commercial Recirculating Aquaculture, Aquacultural Engineering Proc II.  GS Libey and MB Timmons, eds.  NE Regional Agric. Engineering Service Pub #NRAES-98.

Thesis or dissertations

Gallegos FE  1997.  Sequential utilization of electron acceptors by microorganisms within a recirculating aquaculture subsurface flow wetland system.  New Mexico State University, MS Thesis.