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Cost-effective, Alternative Protein Diets for Rainbow Trout that Support Optimal Growth, Health and Product Quality

Executive Summary

Our long-term goals are to:

  1. develop cost effective alternative ingredient diet formulations that support maximal growth, health and product quality
  2. increase the amount of information available to feed manufacturers regarding amino acid availabilities and retention efficiencies of synthetic amino acids, thus    improving utilization of alternative ingredients in trout feeds.
Date Submitted 2008
Funding Levels $119,864 (year 1) + $120,075 (year 2) + $119,789 (year 3)
Duration of Project 3 years
Principal Investigators     

Dr. Wendy Sealey, US Fish & Wildlife Service, Bozeman Fish Technology Center

Dr. Carolyn Ross, Washington State University, Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition

Dr. Christopher Myrick, Colorado State University, Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Dr. T. Gibson Gaylord, USDA, ARS Trout Grains Project

Dr. Frederic Barrows, USDA, ARS Trout Grains Project

Outreach Coordinator      Gary Fornshell, University of Idaho Extension
Project Monitor Chris Nelson, Skretting
Industry Advisor David Brock, Rangen Inc

Our three-year goals are to:

  1. Identify commercially available alternate ingredient combinations that can meet the production needs of rainbow trout
  2. Further refine amino acid balance as a means of reducing interactive growth depressions when novel combinations of ingredients are utilized
  3. Compare formulations in fish growth to market size and the influence of the formulations of growth, fish health, product quality and consumer acceptance
  4. Develop an integrated outreach program including at least one WRAC Extension publication to meet stakeholders educational needs
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