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Faculty Visitors

The Day Of The Faculty Visit--tips for the visitor

Depending on the type of visit, the schedule for this day includes specific activities that can be arranged according to the needs of the participating physicians and the site. Also see goals and objectives of site visits.

Generally guidelines for a formal site visit:

  1. the morning is used for hospital rounds and student presentation and discussion of two cases
  2. mid-day for the faculty lunch, introduction and faculty visitor presentation to the medical community
  3. the afternoon for evaluation and feedback and assessment of the WRITE Student's Patient Visit Log Data.

Who picks up the tab for dinner?
General guidelines:

If the visitor is in travel status while visiting a WRITE site, and a breakfast/lunch/dinner meeting with the student, preceptor, and possibly other local physicians or medical personnel is scheduled, WRITE faculty visitors can pay the entire meal check and be reimbursed from the UWSOM. Funds are limited, however, to support these meal-related meetings and faculty are strongly encouraged to minimize the number of invitations extended. It is also permissible for the WRITE site to provide meal(s) for the visitor faculty.
As detailed in the site visit itinerary, if meal(s) are scheduled, faculty visitors can request a meal pre-approval request from the UWSOM Administrative Director, Jonas Louie, jinl@u.washington.edu. The traveler will need to submit the following for meal reimbursement:

  • Copy of preapproval e-mail confirmation from Jonas Louie
  • Original itemized receipt from the restaurant (or perjury statement if there is not an itemized receipt)
  • A list of meal participant names

Review for allowable per diem limits for the area you are located; per person cost cannot exceed this per diem amount. Alcohol is discouraged and requires prior discretionary approval, to be requested from Scott Bailey: sgbailey@uw.edu.Scott will reply via email and this approval needs to be attached to your request. When sending for alcohol approval, please include the following information:

  • Date of event
  • Reason for request
  • Purpose
  • Purchase date (prior approval requested)
  • Vendor
  • Amount, budget to be charged - 07-9632

Please send all reimbursement forms and pertinent documentation to:
Jonas Louie
Academic Affairs, UWSOM
Box 356340
Seattle, WA 98195


Note: All individuals in travel status should not claim any meals provided for them while on the site visit.

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