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Faculty Visit Scheduling & Arrangements

Thoughts regarding scheduling:

  • Ideally, visits should occur in February, March and April—program ends first week of May (18-week session) and first week of June (22-week session).
  • Avoid too many visits too close together
  • Avoid exam weeks (end of March for IM for 22-week sites) first week of May for FM

The WWAMI Regional Office, the faculty visitor, and the student will work together to arrange the following pre-visit details:

The WWAMI Regional Office will:

  • Assist in determining with the student, site, and visitor available dates to schedule a visit and then confirming this date
  • Facilitate introduction between student, site, and visitor, inquiring what the visitor expects to do with his or her time at the site, determining what format is desired for the day (formal or informal), and request a list of desired talk topics
  • Assist in making travel arrangements to the WRITE Site (for those faculty whose departments do not handle travel arrangements), including airline reservations using CTA Travel, car rental and hotel reservations, and the creation/submission of an RFT form to the UW, using WRITE budget number 07 9632
  • Confirm all travel arrangements with the faculty visitor, student, and site
  • Send WRITE site details to the faculty visitor including directions to the the clinic, local contact phone numbers (including the primary preceptor's and the student's cell phone numbers), recreation opportunities, and weather trends
  • Send the faculty visitor the WRITE student log data, the scheduling grid, the link to the Faculty Visitor Section of this web site, including the Faculty Visit Student Feedback Form and Site Visitor Questionnaire

The WWAMI Regional Office will request all faculty visitors to:

  • Send a brief biography or CV
  • Provide cell phone and email address
    And will request the following for formal site visits:
  • Selection of topics and a title for the community presentation to the student
  • Any necessary AV equipment for presentation
  • Handouts or an outline of the prepared presentation if available – these may be sent or brought to the site

For informal clerkship visits and visits from regional deans and WRITE Co-chairs, the student will be responsible for being a good host, Being sure to:

  • Confirm with clinic date and time of visit and request some time with primary preceptor
  • Finalize the day’s agenda with the visitor
  • Confirm arrival date and time, offer directions to clinic or offer to pick up from airport

For formal clerkship visits, the student will be responsible for:

  • Presenting the faculty visitor's topics list to the primary preceptor and confirming the site’s topic choice with the faculty visitor
  • Notifying the faculty visitor of the topic choice and the target audience (please copy regional office)
  • Providing any requested AV equipment or supplies for the noon presentation
  • Finalizing the day’s agenda with the visitor
  • Advertising & posting notices regarding the upcoming faculty visitor far enough in advance so that hospital, clinic, and community professionals may participate--there should be as many local physicians attending as possible; remind the medical community of the upcoming visit in the weeks prior to the visit
  • Making arrangements well in advance for a room at the clinic or hospital for the luncheon and noon presentation
  • Arranging with the hospital or clinic administrators to pay for the faculty visitor’s lunch
  • Preparing a brief introduction for the faculty visitor from the provided CV for the noon presentation
  • Notifying the clinic receptionist of the name, date, and time of the visitor’s arrival
  • Confirming the time and meeting place for the start of the day with the faculty visitor and the primary preceptor
  • Some sites request CME credits for attending the talk. Students should check with the CME coordinators at the hospital to see if this is a possibility. Carol Fisher, cwfisher@uw.edu
    at the UWSOM may be able to assist with setting up CME credits in a WRITE community
  • Depending on the visitor, students may be required to present one to two cases to the faculty visitor. Well-prepared, typed case presentation write-ups must be sent to the WWAMI Regional Office and the faculty visitor one week prior to the date of the visit.
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