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Faculty Visitors

Faculty Visit Setup Process

Each WRITE site will host faculty from the University of Washington School of Medicine from the  Departments of Rehab Medicine (Chronic Care), Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics,  Psychiatry or other specialty during February-May of the WRITE rotation.

In November, each UWSOM clerkship department is contacted by the WRITE Co-Chair’s Office requesting visitors for specific sites.

By December 15th, a list of faculty visitors for the specific departments will be returned to the WRITE Co-Chair’s Office.

Beginning in January, the WWAMI Regional Offices will contact the faculty visitors and the WRITE sites to begin the process of arranging the site visits. The WWAMI Regional Dean and Assistant will be available to assist in the process of making this visit.  

Types of Visitors

Formal clerkship visit: Limit to one per site/per session: 6 hours to full day spent at site and meeting goals & objectives. Include 1 to 2 clerkship-specific case write ups and presentations by student. May include a CME or faculty development talk. Consider spending time in clinic with student and preceptor observing and giving feedback on the outpatient teaching experience. Plan to spend dedicated one-on-one time with site director to review visit. Plan to spend one-on-one time with student to review the experience.

Informal clerkship visit or “drop-in” visit with the student and preceptor over a couple of hours. No formal preparation outside of arranging a meeting space and clearing the schedule for the visit. May be accomplished through Skype.

Regional dean visit: one visit per session. Keep informal (maybe over breakfast or lunch) with some time spent with both doctor and student and then about 30 minutes spent alone with student and 30 minutes spent alone with primary preceptor. For new sites experiencing issues may need more than one visit. These visits may sometimes be combined with a Clerkship faculty visit or WRITE Co-chair visit.

WRITE Co-chair visit: half day or so, offer faculty development, listen to one student case presentation.

Link here for guidance with case write ups and case presentations.

Thoughts regarding scheduling:

  • WRITE Co-chair’s office needs confirmation of site visitors by mid-December.
  • Regional offices need available dates of visitors no later than mid-January to work with sites and students.
  • Ideally, visits should occur in February, March and April—program ends first week of May (18-week session) and first week of June (22-week session).
  • Avoid too many visits too close together
  • Avoid exam weeks (end of March for IM for 22-week sites) first week of May for FM
Scheduled faculty visits should not be changed or canceled by the student; however, if a visit is in question, it is the student’s responsibility to contact the WWAMI Regional Office to discuss the situation. Arbitrary changes create time-consuming havoc in the schedule. If the faculty visit has to be canceled due to weather or illness, attempts will be made to reschedule as soon as possible.
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