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Formal visits: Goals & Objectives

An important component of the WRITE Program is the University of Washington School of Medicine Faculty WRITE Site visits. Each site will be assigned a minimum of two visitors. The goals and objectives of the faculty visit are:

  • To provide learning experiences and broaden knowledge in various medical specialties for the WRITE students in community settings; specialties include Chronic Care, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and any other specialties deemed appropriate to the WRITE Site.
  • To support educational efforts and to provide continuing medical education for physicians and other medical personnel in rural communities.
  • To give students practice organizing and writing case work-ups and formally presenting cases, including findings and differential diagnoses.
  • To evaluate the teaching strengths and weakness of the particular WRITE site.
  • To help WRITE students become comfortable in their role of providing primary care to rural populations by utilizing specialty faculty as consultants when appropriate.
  • If desired, to provide direct consultation without fee for patients; this includes hospital or ambulatory patients, whether or not the patient’s physician is a site preceptor.
  • To make University staff and clinical faculty accessible to community-based physicians and to promote mutual understanding of their respective roles.
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