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Faculty Visitors

Post-Visit Details & Form

The faculty visitor will submit their travel receipts for reimbursement either to the designated person in their department or to the WRITE Co-Chair’s Office in Seattle.

The faculty visitor will complete and return the Faculty Visit Student Feedback Form and Site Visitor Questionnaire to the WRITE Co-Chair’s Office in Seattle: attn. Mary Atkinson, UWSOM C-408 HSB Box 356390, Seattle, WA 98195. Visiting faculty are asked to rate the student in each category by checking the appropriate blank and to make specific comments on behaviors that illustrate the student’s proficiency or need for improvement. Students are evaluated and given feedback based on written and oral presentations, utilization of resources, problem solving skills, preparation, and organization of the day.

Upon receipt of the form/questionnaire, the WRITE co-chair's office will send copies of the forms to the specific UWSOM Clerkship Departments and to the WRITE Regional Office (who should send the Student Feedback Portion ONLY to the site preceptor and student).

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