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The student’s presence within a hospital or medical institution requires that medical education guidelines are followed and student documentation is present. The University of Washington School of Medicine has an Affiliation Agreement with the WRITE Sites that governs the student's activities and dictates that those actions must be consistent with hospital bylaws and medical staff rules & regulations. Participation in the medical care of a patient is a privilege that is dependent upon approval from the student’s preceptor and the patient.

WRITE medical students have limited clinical experience prior to arriving at the WRITE site and because they are not licensed physicians, cannot function independent of the direction, supervision, and guidance of an attending staff physician or other members of the medical staff.

The student should observe the preceptor’s style of interviewing, watch patient examinations, and view the basic office routines before actively participating in patient care.

Initially, the student will assume minimal patient responsibility under direct physician supervision (this does not imply a physician’s attendance at all times).

Students must discuss and receive their preceptor’s approval to carry out diagnostic or therapeutic plans.

As the student’s level of experience and clinical competency increases, they may, with preceptor supervision, perform technical procedures within their training level and demonstrated competence and write/dictate orders, histories, physicals, delivery notes, discharge summaries, and progress notes; all student documentation, orders, etc. must be reviewed and co-signed by a physician preceptor.


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