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Department Requirements


The Department of Psychiatry Clerkship web site is at http://depts.washington.edu/psyclerk/; here you will find Forms (grading, Mini-Cex, and evaluation), cases, clerkship objectives, and requirements. There is a WRITE tab on the website that lists all of the requirements that the student will have completed prior to starting at their WRITE site. Check the Psychiatry web site for links to lectures and information about electives.

Prior to students' departure to their WRITE sites, students will have had three weeks of inpatient psychiatry, and will have completed their core requirements. The student will receive the program requirements and information during the first three weeks of the rotation.

Some students will have taken their PBSCI exam at the end of the first 3 weeks of their inpatient rotation--prior to going to their WRITE Site. Others will need to schedule to take their exam while at their WRITE site: Students will need to schedule a time with their preceptor to proctor the exam and work with the Department of Psychiatry to have the exam sent to the site.

The primary goal of the Psych experience is for students to see patients with psychiatric issues in the outpatient setting with longitudinal exposure and to increase their comfort level with this patient population. WRITE Students earn a total of six weeks of credit by merging the three-week evaluation from the formal clerkship site and the experience of seeing and working with patients with psychiatric or behavioral problems at the WRITE Site.

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