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WRITE Course Requirements

Patient Visit Log


The log record serves several important purposes:

  • Maintains a personal record of your clinical learning experiences so that you may:
    1. build on experiences in independent learning
    2. fill in gaps in your clinical experiences by requesting appropriate patient assignments
    3. have a guide and stimulus to patient follow-up care
    4. identify challenging cases to study in depth
    5. choose cases to discuss during case presentations, faculty visits, or residency interviews
  • Provides an evaluation of the WRITE Program.



The WRITE Log System utilizes E*Value to collect information from you. It allows you to enter data, make corrections, and create reports as you wish. For directions on use of the system, please review the document How to Use Pxdx. A listing of the choices for diagnoses and procedures included in E*Value can be found in Diagnoses and Procedures for WRITE PxDx. If you have any questions about these directions, please contact Donna Painchaud at paincd@uw.edu.

At the end of each month, Dr. Jan Carline will create a report summarizing the data you have entered to date to be distributed to each of the clerkship directors, the appropriate WWAMI Regional Dean, and you. The results of these reports may be used to help direct you to seek specific types of patient interactions to insure that you meet the objectives for the various clerkships. If you have questions about these reports or the design of the data collection tools, please contact Jan Carline at carlinej@uw.edu. Please have all your entries up to date on or before the 25th of each month.

Tip: Log data should reflect your daily activity as you see patients. If you see the same patient more than once in a day, you do not need to log that patient more than once, but then the next day, if you see that patient again, go ahead and add that visit to your log data.


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