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Site Set Up & Administration

Administrative Visits

The WWAMI Regional Deans will schedule visits or conference calls with their active WRITE site’s primary preceptor, site administrator and/or the student throughout the course of the program.

Topics for discussion may include student performance, personal issues, site and preceptor performance, evaluation and feedback, scope of clinical experiences, the weekly calendar of events, reading and study time, patient logging, faculty visits, community project, and housing.

Toward the end of the WRITE rotation, the WWAMI Regional Deans will schedule a call or visit with their WRITE sites to assist with summarizing the final details of the WRITE experience for the preceptors and students. Items including preceptor evaluations, student interactions, faculty visits, patient logs, etc., will be discussed.

The WWAMI Regional Deans will provide a final summary report of each WRITE Site’s experience to the WRITE Steering Committee for review.

Click here for the optional WRITE Administrative Visit Form (Word Doc)

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