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Affiliation Agreement

The purpose of the Affiliation Agreement is to define the relationships and respective roles between the UW School of Medicine, the WRITE Site or medical institutions and the student. The student’s presence within a hospital or medical institution requires that medical education guidelines are followed and student documentation is present. The University of Washington School of Medicine Affiliation Agreement governs the student’s activities and dictates that those actions must be consistent with hospital bylaws and medical staff rules & regulations.

The WRITE Site Administrator will receive 3 copies of the Affiliation Agreement upon confirmation of selection as a WRITE Site. This document is signed by the primary preceptor and returned to the WWAMI Regional Coordinator's Office where they will be forwarded to the Academic Affairs Office. The Dean of the Medical School will sign the documents and one copy will be returned to the WRITE Site Administrator.

For additional information or a copy of the current affiliation agreement, contact your regional dean's office.

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