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Site Set Up & Administration

Stipend, Housing Set-up, Invoicing, and Preceptor Travel

WRITE Sites are provided an administrative fee to help offset costs associated with a potential decrease in patient volume, administrative overhead, and expenses related to the education of the student such as text books, pagers, and computer supplies. The site may utilize the funds in any manner that supports the costs associated with hosting a medical student. The funds are considered by the state as reimbursement of education expenses, not salaries and therefore, there will be no income tax liability connected with the funds.

WRITE Sites are reimbursed for actual costs of lodging the WRITE students. Each site arranges and maintains furnished housing for medical students. Housing costs may also include utilities, phone, internet /DSL service, cleaning of housing between student rotations, and upkeep, etc. Provided housing should be similar to what students could expect to receive it they were staying in the dorms on a college campus, offering adequate connectivity and privacy to study and sleep and should be clean. Household items should be of Target or Walmart quality.


  • The on-site administrator (either a designated office manager or the primary preceptor-whatever has been decided at your site) oversees the invoicing and receipt of the funding from the University of Washington School of Medicine until all invoicing is complete and funds are received. Assistance can be obtained from Scott Bailey, sgbailey@uw.edu.
  • You will not receive a written contract for the WRITE funds; instead you may simply send in an invoice, making sure to reference the UW Purchase Order number you will receive before the beginning of the program.
  • You may invoice for the administrative fee any time after the start of the current WRITE session..
  • Housing, since it involves out-of-pocket costs for your site, can be billed any time. Travel can also be billed any time, as long as the WRITE orientation has already taken place and your physicians/staff have already incurred actual expenses (see below).
  • IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST YEAR RECEIVING WRITE FUNDS, you will need to register with the State of Washington as a vendor at the following website: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/how-to-pay/department-responsibilities/supplier-registration. If you do not register, the UW Purchasing department will refuse to pay you the WRITE funds!
  • Send invoices to Scott Bailey (via email at sgbailey@uw.edu or via fax at 206-616-3341). You are free to use any invoice format you like, but your invoice must contain the following:

    1. Your business name and address, which must match the name and address on file with the UW Purchasing office. If your business/billing name changes, you will need to register again with the State of WA as a vendor at the following website: http://f2.washington.edu/fm/ps/how-to-pay/department-responsibilities/supplier-registration

  • 2. Your assigned purchase order number

The WRITE Travel budget covers site faculty travel (i.e., Orientation or other approved Faculty Development meeting) and is reimbursed based on actual expenses up to the budgeted amount for no more than two teaching faculty from each WRITE site. Travelers should submit their expenses to their WRITE site for reimbursement.  The WRITE site, in turn, will invoice the University of Washington for their costs. The site should include an invoice with PO number and a copy of supporting receipts and  send these via fax, 206-616-3341, or email, sgbailey@uw.edu.  Contact your regional site administrator in your state with questions or feel free to email or call Jonas Louie directly at jinl@uw.edu or 206-685-7011.

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