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The University of Washington School of Medicine in conjunction with the local WWAMI Regional Dean’s Office issues a Request for Proposal (RFP) 12 – 18 months prior to the desired approval of a new WRITE Site. The RFP will describe the characteristics of the practice, community, educational goals and objectives and operational procedures. It will also describe the timeline and selection process for a new WRITE Site.
Click here for the Request for Proposal (RFP) form (Word Doc).

A selection committee at the UW School of Medicine will make the final selection of the new WRITE site with input from an advisory panel made up of key individuals in the regional medical community.  Once the site is selected, the medical school will work closely with the community physicians and staff to develop the local teaching resources and make available all required program materials.

The selected site will have a two-year trial period. Throughout the trial period, the site will be evaluated.  Renewal or discontinuation is based on the site’s decision and by a vote of the WRITE Steering Committee.

Listed below are some of the elements needed for a successful WRITE Site.

Characteristics of the Community & Practice:

  • Community less than 25,000 (preferably less than 10,000)
  • Accessible year-round by air, road, or train
  • Sustainable economy
  • Available, adequate and affordable housing
  • Broad community support for the program
  • Available community resources (home health nursing, mental health services, alcohol and drug rehabilitations services, and other specialists for consultation)
  • Stable physician community
  • The family practice group or internal medicine group should have a minimum of four to five full-time physicians
  • Other medical professionals should be available (pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery)
  • A community hospital administration and medical staff willing to have supervised medical students participate in patient care
  • Previous known relationship with medical education (students/residents)
  • Proposed WRITE preceptors who understand student responsibilities, evaluation, teaching, and importance of feedback
  • Adequate patient population for student experience
  • Living accommodations for students and their families
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