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WRITE Residency Match Data
and Practice Outcomes

Since 1996 the WRITE outcome data is encouraging. As of 2015, there have been 165 WRITE graduates that have matched into residencies, of those, 70% have selected primary care residencies: 44% into Family Medicine, 17% into Internal Medicine, 9% into Pediatrics.

Practice outcomes are available for 89 graduates of the WRITE program. Sixty seven percent of WRITE graduates are practicing in a primary care specialty. Twenty eight graduates or 31% have returned to rural areas to practice. Rural is defined as an area with a Rural Urban Commuting Area (RUCA) score of 4 or greater. Sixty one percent of WRITE graduates in rural practice are Family Physicians. Currently, ten WRITE graduates are practicing (or have practiced) in WRITE communities and teaching the next generation of WRITE students.

Residency Match and Practice Outcomes pdf



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