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Write Application and Student Selection Process

Once WRITE Student Applications have been received, student interviews will be arranged with the WRITE Co-Chairs, the WWAMI Regional Deans, the Associate Dean of Curriculum, and the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.

Following the interviews, students are selected and matched to sites by the WRITE Steering Committee based on student interest and WRITE Steering Committee suggestions.

The WRITE Co-Chair’s Office notifies the students about their preliminary site matches and also notifies the WRITE sites about their student matches.

Following the match notification, the student should plan to contact their potential site by phone or Skype to discuss the match and ask any questions. If a suitable match is agreed to by the site and the student, the student will notify the WRITE Co-Chairs and their WWAMI Regional Dean sometime in early February (deadline varies a bit each year) and will be assigned to that site for the following academic year’s winter and spring quarters.

Note: WRITE students will find that they may be limited regarding the order and location of their third-year clerkships (prior to the start of the on-site rotation) due to the unusual nature of the WRITE experience.

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