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During the Orientation for the M1s, the Academic Affairs Office will present information about the WRITE Program. Additionally, in the spring of the first year, the WWAMI Regional Deans will present WRITE to the M1’s at their first-year training sites.

Then, in November, the WWAMI Regional Deans will present information about WRITE (and about Tracks and clerkships) to the M2s in Seattle. The November meeting will provide more in-depth information on the WRITE Program and is intended for those students who may be applying to the program.

Qualified students may apply for the WRITE Program during the fall of their second year. The WRITE Student Application Form, will be available at the above meeting and is also available in the UW School of Medicine Academic Affairs Office; for additional application information, please contact either the WWAMI Regional Offices or Mary Atkinson in the WRITE Co-Chair’s Office at (206) 543-5563.

The criteria for selection to the WRITE Program are based on background, interest, motivation and the following:

  • The III (Independent Investigational Inquiry) Petition must be submitted and approved
  • Strong academic achievement during the first and second years
  • A career interest in rural primary care
  • A strong personal statement
  • Participation in the R/UOP or equivalent program is desirable
  • TRUST (Targeted Rural Underserved Track) students will have priority selection over non-TRUST students.

Following the application deadline, copies of the applications are forwarded to WRITE Co-chairs and the WWAMI Regional Deans.

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