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Rules and Responsibilities at WRITE Site

Academic/Program Requirements

The student must complete all educational requirements of the clerkships and WRITE Program as well as participate in any activities planned by the WRITE Program. Additionally, students must complete the entire WRITE rotation during the specified academic year and scheduled rotation block; i.e., a portion of the rotation cannot be taken at a later date. Other requirements for the WRITE program include:

Utilization, satisfactory completion, and submission of the WRITE Student's Patient Visit Log

  • Achieving stated program/curriculum goals and objectives and fulfilling specific course requirements for the UWSOM Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry clerkships, and for Chronic Care at WRITE (using the WRITE Curriculum Tracker; students have found that when they set up these components on the scheduling grid early in the WRITE rotation, the completion of the requirements can be more easily accomplished.
  • Completion of the Community Service Projects (PDF). Also see the Community Service Project Page
  • The accomplishment of required readings (recommend 10 hours per week minimum) as detailed by respective UWSOM clerkship departments; additionally, students must utilize the current clerkship texts.
  • The completion of necessary examinations, assignments, and forms
  • Attendance at and participation in:
    • Orientation (date to be determined prior to start of new WRITE session)
    • Student-led teaching sessions using Adobe Connect
    • Faculty Visits and Case Presentations

Requirement Resouces

Follow-up Evaluations

  • WRITE Program Evaluation, At the end of the WRITE rotation, students will be asked to complete and return an anonymous Student Evaluation of WRITE Program & Faculty form. This is being completed in addition to the required online Family Medicine Clerkship Evaluation Form which is completed by all students following their Family Medicine Clerkship. As well, the WRITE Co-chair will request a debrief interview upon students' return to Seattle.

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