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Community Service Project

The student will do a Community Service Project as a way to better understand and give back to the community. This project is not part of the Family Medicine Clerkship or Family Medicine Elective course and will not be given separate credit or a grade, but it is required in order to receive a passing grade in the WRITE Program.
The Community Service Project is a chance to use the concept of Community Oriented Primary Care (COPC) during your WRITE experience.  COPC utilizes the following four principles in addressing community health problems.

  • defining and characterizing the community
  • describing community health problems
  • modifying the health care program to address high-priority health needs
  • monitoring the effectiveness of program modifications

The extended longitudinal experience of WRITE gives you a unique opportunity to engage your community. Please read the following article on COPC: Longlett SK, Kruse JE, Wesley, RM. Community-Oriented Primary Care: Historical Perspective. J Am Board Fam Pract 2001; 14:54–63.

About a month into WRITE, the student is required to submit for approval a brief write-up describing the project plan and process to their physician site coordinator and to their WWAMI Regional Dean. Please answer the following questions when drafting the description:

  • What will be done?
  • How much time will be put into the project and what is the time frame?
  • What are the goals and objectives of the project?

The student will do the project and submit monthly up-dates to their physician site coordinator and their WWAMI Regional Dean.

The student is required to do a final summary write-up by the end of their experience and submit it to their physician site coordinator, their WWAMI Regional Dean, and the WRITE Co-Chair’s Office.
Examples of Community Service Projects and ideas for future projects will be sent to you from the WRITE Co-Chair’s office or you can check with your WWAMI Regional Office or WRITE Site preceptor. At the end of the WRITE experience, the preceptor will mark on the Preceptor Summary Form the title of the project and that it was satisfactorily completed.

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