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Student Rules and Responsibilities at WRITE Site

Time Off

Time off from the WRITE session is not allowed. However, if a student needs time off, it may be possible to schedule this and make up time taken off during the WRITE rotation by either working a few extra weekends or by extending the WRITE site experience. Requesting time off is for special circumstances only and must be preapproved. The student must put in a request for time off to his/her primary preceptor and to his/her WWAMI Regional Dean, who will determine if the request is appropriate.

Public Relations

Because WRITE is such a unique and significant experience, current and former WRITE students will be asked to participate in the student presentation sessions, the orientation and other WRITE informational sessions that are held in the WWAMI region.


Communication is a part of professionalism. Each student is responsible for checking email messages and and responding appropriately.

In autumn of the WRITE student's third year, students will be asked to provide biographical material, including a photo, that will be made into a student biography to be distributed to each student's site.

During the first week or two at his/her WRITE site, the student will be asked to check in with the healthcare professionals in the WRITE community using a Healthcare Professional Checklist. This form should be completed and sent in (faxed or emailed) to the student's regional office.

Housing, Transportation, and Meals at Site

Students must live in the WRITE community during the on-site portion of the program. Past WRITE experiences have proven that the students can make a positive impact on their assigned rural community.

Housing is provided by the WRITE Site at no cost to the student. The WRITE Site Administrator will work with to find appropriate housing for the duration of the rotation; suitable housing should include internet access, basic furnishings and necessities and will be the proper size for the student and any accompanying spouse, domestic partner and/or children. Prior to the rotation, the student and site will coordinate initial access to the property. WRITE students will be given a week just prior to the start of the rotation to relocate to their WRITE Sites.

Students are responsible for their own personal transportation and meals during the WRITE experience.





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