What Last Year’s Students Say about English 108 (formerly GIS 140). . .   

“It helped me familiarize with the pace and structure of the university's English classes.”

“It has helped me be a successful student this year because it was a little head start with the campus and how the writing will be like.”

“So far there has been nothing that GIS 140 had not helped me prepare for.”

“To be honest, it was very helpful through out, even in my calculus and chemistry class.  All the critical reading and thinking in math and science class require the understanding of what the problem is asking for in order to solve for it.”

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    • 96% of GIS 140 (now English 108) students say that GIS 140 helped them to be more successful this year than they would have been without the class.  This is because the class builds students’ confidence in their abilities to solve writing problems.  In fact, 85% of the students we checked in with six months after they first complete GIS 140 reported that they still felt that their confidence had increased.


    • GIS 140 (now English 108) students say that they felt the class helped them to become better at skills crucial for success in college classes:  Research (51%), Critical reading (48%), Understanding the conventions of academic writing (40%), Analysis and critical thinking (33%).  The majority of students also praised GIS 140’s ability to help them identify resources on campus and to teach them how to use those resources well.
    • Students report that GIS 140 (now English 108) helped them to know what research tools and support were available for writing and non-writing classes alike.  Classes that GIS 140 students have reported using their skills in include: English 131, English 121, English 111, English 197, English 198, English 200, Pol Sci 204, Pol Sci 201, Pol Sci 203, HSTAA 150, Art Hist 321, Art Hist 202, Hist 105, Religion 202, French 214, SIS 201, and well as for courses in Preventive Science, Globalization, Chinese Civilization, and Greek History. 

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“I have written in almost all of my classes since GIS 140.  . . In HSTAA 150 I got a writing credit because we wrote a 10-page paper on our family history.”

“GIS 140 really helped by introducing resources like the CLUE Writing Center or OWRC.  I’ve gone like 10 to 12 times.”  

“By far, I think the discussion of the proper tone for academic papers was very helpful in all of my assignments.  In addition, the section on research was very helpful in finding sources to reference for the debate standards paper.”

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