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The Writing Council

The Writing Council includes faculty, deans, and administrators from the college of Arts and Sciences committed to creating a fully realized culture of writing across the currciculum.

History, Mission, Recommendations

The College Writing Council was established at the recommendation of the Undergraduate Curriculum Writing Committee in its 2003 report: Transforming Writing: Final Report of the Undergraduate Curriculum Writing Committee. The first Council concluded its three-year term in the Spring of 2006; it summarized changes it had overseen in writing programs at the University of Washington and its proposals for further change in its Final Report.

Members of the 2006-2009 Council include:

Anis Bawarshi
Associate Professor, English
Director, Expository Writing Program
Jennifer Bean
Associate Professor, Comparative Literature and Cinema Studies
Joan Graham
Senior Lecturer, English
Director, Interdisciplinary Writing Program
Beth Kerr
Associate Professor, Psychology
Associate Chair, Psychology
Paul Lepore
Affiliate Assistant Professor, Sociology
Director, Undergraduate Program Development
Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Sciences
Steven Morrison
Associate Professor, School of Music
Patricia Moy
Christy Cressey Associate Professor, Communications
Adjunct Faculty, Political Science
John Sahr
Professor, Electrical Engineering
Associate Dean, Undergraduate Academic Affairs
Robert Stacey
Professor of History
Divisional Dean, Arts and Humanities
Mark Weitzenkamp
Academic Counselor, Law, Socieites and Justice Program
John Webster
Associate Professor, English
Director of Writing, College of Arts and Sciences