STD Information: Hepatitis

Hepatitis is an inflammation of the liver. Many potential causes, including drugs, toxins and viruses. Hepatitis A, B, & C are the three major viruses that cause hepatitis.

  • Symptoms: Often none. If symptoms do occur may include yellowing of skin & eyes, loss of appetite, nausea, stomach pain, extreme tiredness.
  • WTW transmission: Hepatitis A is transmitted by fecal matter either in contaminated food or by oral-anal contact. Transmission between female partners has been reported.  
    Hepatitis B is transmitted by exchanging blood or body fluids. Touching an infected person's open sore or cut if you yourself have any skin breaks, or sharing a razor, toothbrush or nail clipper, can permit transmission. Even small amounts of blood or other body fluids can spread the virus if direct contact occurs.  *Hepatitis A is preventable by vaccination: ask your health provider!

    Hepatitis B  is not spread by food, water or casual contact.  Transmission between female partners has not been studied, but has occurred.  *Hepatitis B is preventable by vaccination: ask your health provider!*

    Hepatitis C is transmitted primarily through contact with infected blood.  Sexual transmission between men and women is relatively uncommon; WTW has not been studied.  
  • Treatment: A complex issue.  See our links for more information. 

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