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About the Collection
In an effort to make the materials associated with the WTO History Project accessible to current and future scholars local and remote, we have made a portion of our collection accessible through the Internet using CONTENTdm, a multimedia database developed at the University of Washington's Center for Information Systems Optimization (CISO) in the Department of Electrical Engineering. CONTENTdm allows users to create customized searches of the collection and for high-quality digital reproductions to be viewed online, enabling some research to be conducted with out visiting the collection in the Manuscripts, Special Collections and University Archives Division of the UW Libraries, where the entire collection is accessible. View the guide to the full collection.

The collection has been extensively indexed using Dublin core mapping and Library of Congress subject headings. A guide to the indexing can be accessed here.

Search the Collection

Explore the collection by Document Type:

The collection includes many types of materials. While most are paper documents, the collection does include ephemera such as turtle costumes and a gas mask. Use the pull-down menu below to explore the most common artifacts.

Explore the collection by Issue Area:

The protests against the WTO engaged activists who were concerned with a wide variety of issues. This collection tries to be representative of the diversity of the protests.Use the pull-down menu below to view items from some of the major issue areas represented in the collection.

Explore the Collection by Organization:

While hundreds of organizations were involved to varying degrees in educating and mobilizing the public, planning events and attending the protests, a small handful were the most active in Seattle. Use the pull-down menu below to view items related to some of the most central organizations.

Explore the collection by Intended Purpose:

Each item in the collection was created for a specific purpose. Use the search below to explore items that were created for similar purposes.

Perform an advanced search of the collection using the Java client. This requires a Java-enabled Web browser, e.g. Netscape 3.0 or higher or Internet Explorer 3. It also requires that your browser be Java2 compliant. If it is not, you will automatically be redirected to Sun Microsystems' web site where you can download an updated Java plug-in.

Java Client with dictionary (longer loading):

Java Client without dictionary (faster loading):

Copyright and Use

Most of the items that can be accessed here may be used for educational purposes. Specific information about the permitted use may be found on the individual records. For clarifications, please contact Manuscripts, Special Collections, University Archives:

Manuscripts, Special Collections, University Archives
University of Washington Libraries
Box 352900
Seattle, WA 98195-2900
email: speccoll@u.washington.edu
fax: (206) 543-1931

For information on reproduction prices and use guidelines see:


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