WWAMI PRO Awards Honor Professionalism

WWAMI Pro is a medical student-driven recognition program, created to empower students to honor professionalism in the UW School of Medicine community. UW medical students can recognize any individual who contributes to a positive, respectful, and supportive learning environment. The WWAMI Pro Awards program is administered by the Committee for Continuous Professionalism Improvement (CPI).

The UW School of Medicine is committed to the promotion of professionalism throughout our community. To support this, CPI was created in 2007 by Paul Ramsey, M.D., Dean of the UW School of Medicine. CPI is charged with overseeing and promoting professionalism throughout the medical school and at all teaching sites.

WWAMI Pro recognitions are announced approximately twice per year. Current medical students can submit nominations online here. To learn more about CPI, please visit the CPI website. Below are the WWAMI Pro Award Honorees for August 2018-March 2019. Please follow this link to find a list of the WWAMI Pro Honorees to date.


*Received two nominations this round

Dr. Jeff Anderson, Seattle, WA

Dr. Robert Andres, Spokane, WA

Dr. Maralyssa Bann, Seattle, WA

Dr. Angela Biggs, Gillette, WY

Leonora Clarke, Service Learning, Seattle, WA

Kelli Edison, RN, Douglas, WY

Dr. Keith Foster, Helena, MT

Dr. Carla Fritz, Missoula, MT

Dr. Aaron Green, Seattle, WA

Deborah Greene, Program Coordinator, Spokane, WA *

Dr. Robert Hart, Florence, MT

Dr. Bradley Holbrook, Missoula, MT

Dr. Jon Ilgen, Seattle, WA

Dr. Molly Jackson, Seattle, WA

Karen Johnson, ARNP, Seattle, WA

Dr. Kaalan Johnson, Seattle, WA

Dr. Norman Litchfield, Boise, ID

Dr. Ryan MacDonald, Spokane, WA

Michelle Madeen, Program Operations, Spokane, WA

Carmelita Mason-Richardson, Student Programs, Seattle, WA

Dr. John McCarthy, Seattle, WA

Dr. Christy Mitchell, Bozeman, MT

Dr. Malisa Moss, Wasilla, AK

Lan Nguyen, Student Programs, Seattle, WA

Dr. Mark Nicholson, Billings, MT

Kayla Ouert, Program Manager, Bozeman, MT *

Dr. Rachel Pearson, Seattle, WA

Dr. Luke Pittman, Tacoma, WA

Dr. Jeffrey Redinger, Seattle, WA

Dr. Megan Ritter, Anchorage, AK

Jessica Sidhu, Program Manager, Seattle, WA

Kathi Sleavin, Student Programs, Seattle, WA

Dr. Nanette Smith, Spokane, WA

Traci Smith-Wright, RN, Douglas, WY

Dr. Laura Spence, Spokane, WA *

Dr. Sarah Steinkruger, Seattle, WA

Dr. Michael Stephens, Spokane, WA

Dr. Scott Stuart, Kirkland, WA *

Dr. Elizabeth Stuhlmiller, Tonasket, WA

Dr. Glen Tamura, Seattle, WA

Dr. John Thalken, Douglas, WY

Dr. Rebecca Thompson, Sheridan, WY

Dr. Robert Urata, Juneau, AK

Whitney Vincent, Admin Coordinator, Moscow, ID

Dr. Mengru Wang, Seattle, WA

Dr. Kerry Wappett, Fairbanks, AK

Dr. Brittany Wheeler, Cheyenne, WY

Dr. Sylvia Wong, Seattle, WA