University of Washington Xia Lab

Welcome to the laboratory of Dr. Zhengui Xia

Current Lab Members

Zhengui Xia

Zhengui Xia, PhD
Principal Investigator

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Glen Abel

Glen Abel
Research Scientist

Wenbin Wang

Wenbin Wang
Postdoc Fellow

June Zou

June Zou
Postdoc Fellow

Anna Engstrom

Anna Engstrom
Graduate Student


Song Lu

Song Lu
Postdoc Fellow

Hao Wang

Hao Wang
Graduate Student

Former Lab Members

Graduate Students

Josh Pan from the
Molecular and Cellular Biology Ph. D. Program

Noah Sorscher from the Neurobiology Ph. D. Program

Xavier Figueroa Masot from the Neurobiology Ph. D. Program

Derek Wong from Dept. of Pharmacology Graduate Program

Kelly Cude from the MCB Ph. D. Program.

Roland Faigle, visiting Ph. D. graduate student from Goteborg University, Sweden

Anne Caughlan. M.S. Toxicology Program, Dept of Env. Health

Kathleen Newhouse, MS Toxicology Program, Dept of Env. Health

Beibei Cai, BS from Wuhan University, PRC

Paige Cundiff, BS from San Francisco State University

Heather Klintworth, MS Toxicology Program, Dept. of Env. Health

Kathleen Newhouse, BS from University of Georgia

Yupeng Wang, MS from Shanghai Medical School, PRC


Dr. Michal Hetman

Dr. Uk Namgung

Dr. Jane Cavanaugh

Dr. Rebecca L. Persinger

Dr. Shih-Ling  Hsuan

Dr. Hyunjung Choi

Dr. Sandra Chang

Dr. Lidong Liu

Dr. Won-Seok Choi

Dr. Hyung-Wook Kim

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Hiroyuki Sakagami of Tohoku University, Japan

Dr. Uk Namgung of Daejeon University, South Korea