In the last decade, there has been tremendous progress in the nano-materials synthesis and device fabrications, which expands the horizons of scientific and engineering research. On the other hand, there has been dramatic improvement in the measurement techniques too, which allows us to probe and understand quantum confined nano system better, and to discover novel physics and also push the development of the material synthesis. There are exciting opportunities when the physical measurements and material synthesis merge together.

The goal of our research program is to combine the optical spectroscopy, transport measurements and nano-device fabrication techniques, to understand the electronic and optical properties of quantum confined nanostructure, develop the probe and control techniques of charge and spin, and the quantum physics in these confined nanostructure, push the unification front of material synthesis, device fabrication, physics measurements, understand the physics arising from this process, and push the knowledge and techniques we learn from these study back to the application frontier, such as optoelectronic, spintronics, optomechanics and plasmonics. These achievements may have potential impact for the information technology, electronic device industry, memory storage system, and novel energy conversion technology.