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The YFDP is located near Crane Flat in Yosemite National Park, with the plot center at 37.77°N, -119.82°W. Elevation ranges between 1774.1 m and 1911.3 m for a vertical relief of 137.2 m (Fig. 1).

Figure 1. Topography of the Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot. The 20 m grid is shown on a LiDAR-derived digital elevation model of the plot (1 m horizontal resolution). The maximum elevation within the plot is 1,911 m; the minimum elevation is 1,774 m (5 m contours shown).

Figure 2. Orthophoto of the Yosemite Forest Dynamics Plot. This 15 cm resolution orthophoto matches the spatial extent of the topography in Fig. 1 (5 m contours superimposed).


Figure 3. Temperature and precipitation in the Yosemite Forest Dynamics plot (top)from PRISM 800 m climate normals (1971 – 2000) and the water balance (bottom) using a Thornthwaite-type evapotranspiration model.

Shrubs and Coarse Woody Debris

Figure 4. Patches of continuous shrub cover and downed logs with the largest dimension of their large end >50 cm. The shrubs and downed woods are important factors in tree demography, and the species composition of shrubs varies with time since fire. And in this fire-dominated system, knowing the arrangement of big logs is important to understanding the spatial aspects of fire-related mortality.

Woody plant species
Tree species Family
Abies concolor Pinaceae
Pinus lambertiana Pinaceae
Cornus nuttallii Cornaceae
Calocedrus decurrens Cupressaceae
Quercus kelloggii Fagaceae
Prunus spp. Rosaceae
Abies magnifica Pinaceae
Salix scouleriana Salicaceae
Pseudotsuga menziesii Pinaceae
Pinus ponderosa Pinaceae
Rhamnus californica Rhamnaceae
Shrub species Family
Arctostaphylos patula Ericaceae
Ceanothus cordulatus Rhamnaceae
Ceanothus integerrimus Rhamnaceae
Ceanothus parvifolius Rhamnaceae
Chrysolepis sempervirens Fagaceae
Corylus cornuta var. californica Betulaceae
Conus serecia Cornaceae
Leucothoe davisiae Ericaceae
Vaccinium uliginosum Ericaceae
Sambucus racemosa Adoxaceae
Rhododendron occidentale Ericaceae
Ribes nevadense Grossulariaceae
Ribes roezlii Grossulariaceae
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