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So What's New?

Pointing Magnifier 3 has numerous improvements over the original Pointing Magnifier. Here are some of the important new features. We also offer a table comparing the input capabilities of the three major versions.

Major New Features

Category Description
Customizability Option to show or hide the Pointing Magnifier cursor at program start.
Customizability Option to show or hide the Pointing Magnifier settings window at program start.
Customizability Ability to save and open custom XML settings for individual users.
Customizability Highly flexible assignable keyboard shortcuts. Escape as an "exit mode" key.
Graphics Ability to handle system-wide display scaling factors other than 100%.
Graphics Support for multi-monitor display setups.
Graphics Ability to drag or nudge the lens while magnified.
User Interface Improved widgets, new icons, better clarity and consistency, new feedback messages.
User Interface Resizable settings dialog with scaling widgets and fonts.
User Interface Rich About Box information with citations, links, and Web navigation.
User Interface Added accessibility meta-data to UI widgets.
Privacy All research code from version 1 removed, including all usage logging.
Setup Windows installer provided as an *.MSI file.

Comparison of Input Capabilities

Capability PM1 PM2 PM3
• Global Keyboard Shortcuts
Type to set keyboard shortcuts.  
Shortcuts can use (almost) the full keyboard.  
Modifier keys can serve as a base key (e.g., Alt+Shift).  
Escape key can exit whatever the current cursor mode.  
Shortcuts for turn on/off and (un)suppress cursor.
Shortcuts for (de)magnify and show settings.  
Shortcut for quitting the application.    
Arrow keys nudge the cursor or lens a customizable amount.    
• Circular Cursor Mode
Direct drag with area cursor center.
Click to magnify lens.
Customizable long-click to click "thru" the cursor to the underlying UI.  
Double-click directly without requiring lens mode.  
Right-click directly to underlying UI (e.g., for a context menu).    
Mouse wheel scrolls underlying window.
Mouse wheel can be used to adjust cursor radius.  
Can produce mouse over, hover, enter, and leave events.      
• Magnified Lens Mode
Click on an object.
Double-click on an object.
Right-click for a context menu.
Drag an item from within the lens.
Button-down dwelling de-magnifies and starts a dwell or drag.
Magnification can be interrupted with a quick click.
Can use lens for pixel-level cursor positioning without clicking.  
Lens can be dragged while magnified using a customizable border.    

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