Do you have an idea for a design challenge?

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Team DISplay at the 2017 design review presenting their poster and prototype of an interactive game board for diverse abilities.
Team Display at 2017 design review.

Each year multidisciplinary teams tackle design challenges proposed by YOU – people from our local communities! Co-designers include individuals with disabilities and the communities that support them. Ideally, we would like to have you and your community actively engaged with the project students, so we can get frequent feedback and guidance.

Teams are formed in September and January (in coordination with the UW calendar). A member of the HuskyADAPT leadership team will get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your design challenge. Please keep in mind that we try to do as many projects as possible, but this depends on student time and interest each year. Additionally, while we strive to create innovative and useful solutions, it may take a while and multiple iterations – we are learning and designing together!

Groups can submit one main idea as a whole, but there must be one point-of-contact who will be available for the duration of the school year (Please include your information in the form below!). For example, a group of teachers can rotate being co-designers, but there needs to be one “lead” person who makes sure everyone can stay in touch.

What can I expect as a Co-Designer?

  • To partner with a team of undergraduate students in a variety of disciplines including science, engineering, medicine, education, and many more!
  • To help produce a concept or prototype that aims to solve an accessibility-related challenge within the community.
  • A commitment of roughly 9 months throughout the academic year from late September to early June. This includes an estimated 3 – 5 hours a month, including emails and 1 meeting with the team per month. (Skype or virtual calling is okay, but meeting in person is encouraged on occasion!)
  • To be a supportive (and fun!) mentor for your team of young adults.
  • There are no financial expectations, we will cover materials according to each team’s prearranged budget.

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