Helpful Resources for Design Teams

HuskyADAPT Storage Space
Location: McMahon the 8
A place to store design project materials and prototypes, just fill out the McMahon user training below.
Location: Fluke Hall, the MILL, the 8 in McMahon
Training: In person orientation and safety quiz
Capabilities: Tools, 3D printers, sewing machines, computer workstations, electronics fabrication and testing
Area 01
Location: Maple Residence Hall
Capabilities: Maker space, music and video labs, gaming area
MechE Machine Shop
Location: Mechanical Engineering Annex (EGA 116)
Training:  In-person sign-up outside the shop on first day of each quarter at 9am
Capabilities: Tool room, 3D printers, CAD/CAM in computer lab, etc.
Online reservations for study/meeting rooms in UW Libraries