General Questions

  • What is HuskyADAPT?

    • We are an organization at the University of Washington, Seattle campus that supports the development of design and play technology.

    • We typically meet once or bimonthly to adapt electronic toys for better accessibility, design solutions to accessibility problems, and engage with the community.

  • Is there HuskyADAPT merchandise? T-Shirts? 

    • We are currently working on a new shirt design – stay tuned! 

For Students and Volunteers

  • I’m interested in getting involved with HuskyADAPT and learning how to adapt toys. When are you accepting new members? Where and how do I apply?

    • We are always accepting new HuskyADAPT members!

    • There is no formal signup or application. Simply join our email list to hear about opportunities and to sign up for events.

  • I am interested in attending one of your toy adaptation events! How do I sign up for one?

    • If you sign up for our email list, we will regularly send updates for the dates of the next toy adaptation events.

    • In the emails we send you, there will be a link to a Google Forms that will allow you to sign up for an event.

    • After we formalize the date and member list for the event, we will send another email letting you know if there is room and detailing the location and time of the event.

  • I’m not a student of the University of Washington, Seattle campus. May I still join and volunteer for HuskyADAPT?

    • Yes! We welcome anyone interested in HuskyADAPT, including students from other campuses as well as community volunteers!

  • Do I have to be an engineering major or have an engineering background to join?

    • No, you do not have to be an engineering major or any prior experience to join HuskyADAPT. HuskyADAPT is open to students of all majors and years!

  • Is there a weekly time commitment associated with joining HuskyADAPT as a general member?

    • No, there is no time commitment for general members of HuskyADAPT. Feel free to join any of our events at any time!

    • We just ask that if you formally sign up (ex: via Google forms) for any of our toy adaptation events, please attend the event or let us know through email that you won’t be able to make it since there is usually a waiting list for our events.

For Sponsors

FAQ: Commonly asked questions about HuskyADAPT
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