Mission Statement: 

Foster an inclusive, sustainable, and multidisciplinary community supporting accessible design and play technology through: 

♦ Teaching students, engineers, clinicians, and community members about ride-on car modification

♦ Providing innovative, accessible, and cost-effective options for individuals with limited mobility

♦ Understanding how early mobility and play can contribute to healthy development and learning

What do we do? 

Go Baby Go! is a national, community-based research, design and outreach program that began in 2012 with founder Dr. Cole Galloway at the University of Delaware. UW Go Baby Go! modifies battery operated, ride-on cars to meet the specific needs of each child in order to provide mobility and socialization for children with limited motor function.

A child sitting in a red car pressing a big yellow button on its steering wheel
A person wearing a white mask works on the wiring in a white ride-on car during a workshop
Two children in red ride-on cars in front of a lake. Both children are looking at the camera and one is wearing sunglasses.

Why we do it: 

By promoting an inclusive community, all children will have greater access to explore their environments. Building an inclusive community provides children with opportunities to form memberships across the varied environments in which they play, learn, and thrive.

Currently, there are no commercially available powered mobility devices for young children with special needs. GoBabyGo! provides children with greater independence and control over their mobility to explore the world around them. Research has shown that early mobility not only leads to developmental gains in motor function, but also skills in cognition, language, and socialization.

To learn more about the UW GoBabyGo program visit their website (Click here) or follow them on social media (@UW GoBabyGo