Hi HuskyADAPT!

Please see below for ways to get involved with us in May! Make sure to check out the opportunity to join the Disability Allyship Workshop hosted by the ASUW Student Disability Commission happening this afternoon.

HuskyADAPT events and opportunities:

HuskyADAPT Adapted Toy Request

Do you or someone you know need adapted toys? Please nzaino) with any questions about this program.

HuskyADAPT Slack Channel Challenges

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In the upcoming months, we will be posting a series of challenges on our Slack channel with the opportunity to win some HuskyADAPT swag! The challenges will be designed to foster community engagement and discussion while we are all working remotely and will be accessible to all in the HuskyADAPT community. We will post more information about the challenges on Slack in the next few weeks, so be sure to join our channel!

HuskyADAPT news:

Virtual Toy Adaptation

We recently hosted our second virtual toy adaptation event for the HuskyADAPT community! Thank you to everyone who participated and a huge thank you to Avry Freaney, one of our Toy Adaptation Chairs, for coordinating the event. Keep an eye on future newsletters for our next virtual event.

Leadership Board Applications

We had a lot of great applicants for our 2021-2022 leadership board. Thank you to all those who applied! We have a very passionate group of folks that will be working as ambassadors and executive board members this year and are very excited to start planning out Fall quarter! We will be announcing our new board in the upcoming newsletter.

April Toy Donation Event

We recently held our April toy donation event and distributed 11 toys to members of the Seattle community. Thank you to Nicole Zaino, one of our Toy Adaptation Chairs, for organizing these events and ensuring that we can get these toys out into the community!

Accessibility Text: Photo of Nicole Zaino wearing a blue face mask and HuskyADAPT t-shirt holding a toy in front of a brick building. Nicole has short brown hair and clear glasses.

Opportunities from our collaborators and friends:

ASUW Student Disability Commission Disability Allyship Workshop

May 4th 4:30 – 5:30pm PST


The ASUW Student Disability Commission is hosting a Disability Allyship Workshop. This event is perfect for non-disabled people to learn how to be a better ally to the disability community. This hour-long workshop will teach you about the models of disability, language, intersectionality, and strategies to avoid ableism/disability discrimination. If you are unable to attend, a recording will be made available after the event on the asuwsdc1) with questions.

Seattle Design Festival

August 21-22nd Lake Union Park

The annual Seattle Design Festival is coming back to Lake Union Park this fall with the goal of bringing together a design community to engage, inform, and collaborate with the public. In an effort to make the festival more inclusive for smaller projects, they have added Pop-up programs to this year’s festival. These programs are short, 2-3 hour long events to showcase art and STEM projects, host micro-conferences or seminars, create interactive and participatory installations, and much more! If you want to know more about this event or find out how to participate, please check out the Design Festival info

HuskyADAPT Newsletter: May 4th 2021