Pacific Science Center – Exhibit Developer

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Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

-Participate within a collaborative, cross-disciplinary content development team to formulate the best digital and multimedia strategy for each exhibit project

-Create high quality digital and multi-media, hands-on interactive experiences via an iterative prototyping process. Responsible for conception, development, design, fabrication and/or coding and installation of the final product. Program or customize software to implement different digital platforms for content delivery and/or work with outside producers to ensure final production meets design standards. Ensures the best guest experience by building and testing prototypes or models and actively participating in the evaluation process.

-Research and recommend hardware and software based on durability, maintenance and ease of use by guests, as well as with an eye to building institutional capacity for digital media. Use resulting information to generate ideas for interactive components.

-Articulate ideas for interactive components via drawings, schematics and written descriptions. Create source lists, gather and/or generate estimates for fabrication time and cost. Responsible for creating final documentation for completed interactives which includes, but is not limited to source code, screen shots, digital assets, photos and video, operating and maintenance instructions, trouble-shooting information and final parts/vendors information.

-As needed, support Exhibit Operations team in troubleshooting and maintaining existing exhibits.

-Assist project management by participating in future proposal development; providing bid information and developing timelines and costs; keeping accurate records for all financial transactions and processing all financial paperwork in a timely and organized manner. Maintain an organized, professional and secure work space, keeping inventory and overseeing maintenance of all computers and hardware.


– Bachelor’s degree or 2-year technical degree in interactive and/or UX design; 3 years relevant experience in mechanical or digital interactive development and UX design, as well as experience investigating and installing hardware and software; proactive, flexible, highly efficient and able to learn things quickly; creative problem solver; experience working on multiple, overlapping projects; strong oral and written communication skills; excellent time management and organizational skills; positive, professional team member. Well-versed in Adobe collection, specifically InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Premiere, and After Effects desired. Museum and/or experience developing hands-on digital experiences for public environments preferred.