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UW President Mark Emmert is leaving to head NCAA

UW President Mark Emmert, a 1975 alumnus who returned to his alma mater in 2004, announced April 27 that he is leaving the University of Washington to become the next NCAA president. He will be the NCAA’s fifth chief executive and will begin his tenure there no later than Nov. 1, 2010.

Reaction across campus was that of surprise, but congratulatory remarks are pouring in. It’s a big job, a fantastic opportunity, and we’re proud to have a UW alumnus at NCAA headquarters. President Emmert has been a strong supporter of the UW Alumni Association over the years, and we wish him the best of luck in his new position

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Husky Career Lunch celebrates 10th birthday

Each spring, an impressive roster of alumni and friends come together for the annual Husky Career Lunch. Their role is to answer questions, provide job search tips and generally speak to students about their career fields and areas of expertise. It’s a valuable resource for UW students, and on Wednesday, April 21 the Husky Career Lunch celebrated its 10th anniversary.

A big thanks to our table hosts from Nordstrom, Microsoft, Boeing, Starbucks and many other companies big and small. Check out this short video interview with table host Micah Blair, a 1999 graduate of UW Bothell who was volunteering for his fifth Husky Career Lunch.

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Travel: How to get a good airline seat

From the UW Alumni Tours Blog:

Have you ever found yourself uncomfortable, tired and to make matters worse, stuck in the middle seat on an airplane?

Did you think, “How can I avoid this the next time I fly?” There is that magical 24-hour window before your flight departs, where many seats open up if you check in online. With a click of your mouse, you can change your original seat to one that was not available when you booked your trip.

I found a great article in the Seattle Times that gives us ‘coach’ travelers tips to secure the ‘best’ seat. Happy hunting!

Just another helpful tip from UW Alumni Tours. We know how to travel. Check out our full list of upcoming tours.

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Provost Lecture looks at the NEXT CITY

Daniel S. Friedman, dean of the UW College of Built Environments, delivered the 2010 Provost Distinguished Lecture on Wednesday, April 21. He compared several Seattle landmarks to works of art including George Gershwin’s “An American in Paris” and Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

His point was that our cities are worth talking about, writing about, singing about, etc. They are living, breathing representations of our existence, and they—like us—are not perfect. It was a deep speech, and many at Kane Hall walked away impressed by Friedman’s insightful comments.

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Haz-mat team evacuates UW Chemistry Building

The UW Chemistry Building was evacuated early Thursday, April 23 because of a bromine spill. The haz-mat crew was called but, thankfully, no one was hurt. I just had to share this great photo of the lab coats standing outside. Classic.

Photo by Joshua Trujillo,

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Former John Edwards aide discusses ethics in leadership

“This is about pulling back the curtain on what U.S. presidential politics are all about.”

That’s a quote from Andrew Young, the former advisor to U.S. Senator John Edwards who spoke to a packed house Monday, April 19 at Kane Hall.

The panel discussion, titled “Ethics in Leadership,” also featured Governor Dan Evans, UW Professor J. Patrick Dobel and John McKay of Seattle University Law. Young spoke for about 30 minutes, reflecting on his time as Edwards’ right-hand man and his fateful decision to cover up the affair that brought down the former presidential candidate.

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Budget cuts coming to the UW in 2011

The Washington State Legislature wrapped up its 2010 session recently, and the UW’s budget will again be reduced as a result of the state’s economic challenges.

UW President Mark Emmert issued a statement to the UW community on Monday, April 19, explaining how budget cuts will affect our institution moving forward:

With the 2010 session of the State Legislature now concluded, we have a clearer picture of what our budget for 2011 will be. The results are about what we expected—we ended up doing better in some areas and worse in others, and there were no surprises in the concluding hours of the session. While there were many disappointments in the session, I was extremely pleased that need-based financial aid was kept intact.

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UW hosts TEDxSeattle at Pacific Science Center

On Friday, April 16 the UW’s Master of Communication in Digital Media (MCDM) hosted TEDxSeattle, a regional TED event focusing on “Convening Community Through Social Technology.” I had the privaledge of going and it was, simply put, one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.

TED talks are billed as the “talk of your life” and are limited to just 14 minutes. Above is Eugene Cho, founder of One Day’s Wages, a local non-profit that raises awareness and promotes simple giving in the fight against global poverty. His talk was amazing, and you can watch it here.

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