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Budget cuts coming to the UW in 2011

The Washington State Legislature wrapped up its 2010 session recently, and the UW’s budget will again be reduced as a result of the state’s economic challenges.

UW President Mark Emmert issued a statement to the UW community on Monday, April 19, explaining how budget cuts will affect our institution moving forward:

With the 2010 session of the State Legislature now concluded, we have a clearer picture of what our budget for 2011 will be. The results are about what we expected—we ended up doing better in some areas and worse in others, and there were no surprises in the concluding hours of the session. While there were many disappointments in the session, I was extremely pleased that need-based financial aid was kept intact.

In 2011, we will be dealing with a continuation of the budget cuts we have endured now for three years running. In 2009, the University’s state general fund budget was reduced by $16.8 million. This year, our budget was reduced by an unprecedented $94.7 million. And next year, we will have another reduction of $20.6 million. Thus, over this three-year period, we will have lost $132 million in state general fund support—a 33% reduction in state support.

To read the the full statement, check out the President’s blog.

UPDATE: The week of April 26-30, The Daily did a five-part series on the effects of budget cuts, focusing on academics, diversity, student services, jobs and the myths: capital projects, athletics and UW Medicine.


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