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Alumni Vote: Your favorite HUB memories

From the March issue of Columns magazine comes the latest Alumni Vote. Here are some highlights from your wonderful responses. Above is a rendering of the new HUB, scheduled to open in 2012.

The Husky Union Building (HUB) will close its doors July 1 to begin a two-year renovation. What’s your favorite HUB memory?

“I saw a sneak preview of American Pie with hundreds of other students in a sold-out show at the HUB movie theater. I must have missed half the lines in the movie because everyone was laughing so hard. It remains one of my best moviegoing experiences ever.”

“Coffee dates at the HUB—one of them became by husband!”

“The year was 1963—November. I had just stepped into the quad from a class when a man shouted ‘President Kennedy’s been shot.’ I immediately turned around to head for the HUB. Not many had heard the news so I hurried in and went downstairs to get a good place in front of the TV. I got there just in time to hear Walter Cronkite announce President Kennedy’s death. Of course, we students were very upset and classes were cancelled the next day.”

“In 1968, I had a favorite table at the HUB where I studied intently. At the table next to me, the same man would sit. After a few weeks of nodding at each other, we introduced ourselves. I was fascinated because he was from Iran. Royalty, he said. A T.A. in Geography. A Muslim. I was a WASP, lived in a large sorority house, and had never met anyone from that culture. We became good friends, talked a lot and compared America vs. Iran, Christianity vs. Islam, roles of men and women. While these discussions were part of my education and his, it did cut into my study time that quarter!”

“Graduation ceremony 1969 in the HUB. The entire place was packed, excitement all around, speeches electrifying, and at the end… Square caps —> IN THE AIR ! (Who had an iPhone to take photos then?)”

“I used many times—and always appreciated—the information posted on housing available for rent. Bus information, food service, and quick stops for a candy bar were amenities frequently used. My greatest memory is sitting in front of a HUB television with others watching the Seattle Supersonics win the NBA Championship. The HUB will always be fondly remembered.”

“One day I was leaning against a column near the information desk reading The Daily when, as I was fully engrossed in an article, a group started setting up a demonstration of King Condom. Apparently, it was a skit to advertise the use of condoms. I went from my engrossed reading to being on stage next to man wearing a giant condom with an audience gawking at us. It was like waking up and finding my bed in the middle of freeway. Quite a shock!”

“Before we got married, my wife of now 35 years outbowled me 157 to 39. She’s still knockin’ me dead. Ha!”

“I met my husband at an ASUW meeting in the HUB. We both showed up the first day to see what ASUW was all about and caught one another’s eyes across the room. They asked for volunteers for the Debt Check Campaign, and we looked at each other, both raised our hands, smiled, and that basically sealed the deal. Almost eight years later, we are still as in love as that first day in the HUB.”

“It’s 1969, I have a quarter for lunch, and down in the dungeon, in the basement of the HUB, I can get a hamburger for 19 cents. Bun and meat, no condiments, no extras at all. But food beats no food anytime, and the dungeon was a comforting refuge.”

“My favorite memories are definitely all the concerts I saw in the HUB Ballroom in the late ’80s. The ASUW had a ‘Four Bands For Four Bucks’ series, which included many SubPop bands, most notably Nirvana. But there were lots of other amazing shows. I also spent a lot of time doing office work in the Panhellenic office on the 3rd floor. I have a lot of great memories of that building.”

“I was a freshman in the fall of 1968 which coincided with the Nixon v. Humphrey presidential election. In the women’s room next to the candy counter, on the seat cover dispenser, someone had written ‘Nixon Campaign Hats.’ I knew I was at the right university and still get a laugh about that to this day.”

“The Friday night HUB dance is where this poor, shy Eastern Washington engineering student met a beautiful girl from Ballard who is now my wife of 47 years.”

Click here to learn more about the HUB closure and to see renderings of the new building.


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