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UW alum Samantha Rund hosts new UW 360 show

Samantha Rund has always had an active imagination. Growing up in New York City, that’s only natural. But when her family moved to Montana she found herself reading, writing and painting with a creative zest that changed her outlook on the future.

“I started out wanting to be a movie actress, opera singer, lawyer or Supreme Court justice,” says Rund, a 2006 graduate of the UW School of Drama and host of the new UW 360 show. “The first moment I recall being on stage and thinking, ‘This is what I want to do,’ was when I was playing Juliet in high school. Getting to do that was really a fork in the road for me.”

UW 360 debuted on Wednesday, Oct. 6 as part of UWTV’s new fall lineup. A magazine-style TV show that focuses on the wonderful things happening in our community, the first UW 360 show explored the renowned Lamborghini Lab, dental care for young children, neighborhood farmers markets and more.

Rund, who has her Master’s degree from the UW’s prestigious Professional Actor Training Program, says meeting new people and learning new things attracted her to the UW 360 job. When her agent called with the opportunity to audition, she jumped on it.

“Filming the first show was a lot of fun,” Rund says. “It also kept me on my toes. I had to memorize some of the bits overnight and remember it well enough so it didn’t appear that I was searching for the words. I am looking forward to seeing where the show goes.”

Rund has her B.S. in theater from Northwestern University and wants to be a theater professor. She says her acting teacher at Northwestern suggested the UW for her Master’s degree.

“I was surprised to learn that UW ranked fourth in the nation for its graduate acting program, just after Yale, NYU, and UCSD,” Rund says. “I had my meeting/audition for UW on their Chicago audition tour, and when I met with the head of the program I knew instantly this was the place I was meant to come. It was one of the best decisions I ever made.”

Watch the debut episode of UW 360 and see Samantha at work.

Photo by Ric Kasnoff.


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