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Husky Holiday Bowl Blog – Dawgs win 19-7!

Live from sunny San Diego, it’s the Husky Holiday Bowl show!

Well, at least it feels that way. Washington just scored a 19-7 victory over the Nebraska Cornhuskers and I have to admit… this is awesome! There’s nothing better if you’re a Husky football fan than winning a bowl game, and this was a stellar performance for our squad. Congratulations to coach Steve Sarkisian and his team. We love you guys and we are proud of you.

So proud to be a UW alum. Go Dawgs!

Game Day – Thursday, Dec. 30

Holiday Bowl, 10:14 p.m.
This game is in the book and the Washington Huskies have won the 2010 Holiday Bowl 19-7. One of the most impressive defensive performances in
Husky history, the Dawgs dominated Nebraska from start to finish and held one of the nation’s best offenses to just 7 points and 184 yards of total offense. This was some 1990-ish Husky defense. Big hits. Hard knocks. Everything you could ask for in a defensive effort. It was so exciting to be in the stadium for the game, and watching the team celebrate its victory afterwards was priceless. Steve Sarkisian truly has done wonders with this program, and that had to have been the best Gatorade bath he’s ever had. During the trophy presentation, he called us the “best fans in America.” I have to agree. Thanks to all of you for a great season. Go Dawgs, and let’s enjoy this victory!

Husky Holiday Bowl Warm Up, 4:30 p.m.
I can’t believe how many people are here right now. This is the biggest party I have ever been associated with, and it’s one of the best UWAA parties in memory. We’ve got a packed house full of Husky fans and everyone’s in a great mood. The food is good, the drinks are flowing, the kids are playing Xbox Kinect and there is so much Husky spirit in here. I’m tasked at the meal ticket table and we’ve met some amazing people. What a great group of Huskies. I love UW alumni and fans. The band will be here around 5:30 and then it’s into the stadium for the big game. I’ve got a good feeling about this, but I just can’t get ahead of myself yet.

Manchester Grand Hyatt, 8:36 a.m.
It rained all day yesterday and reports were that Qualcomm’s parking lot was flooding again. But I just woke up to the most beautiful blue skies. It’s 39 degrees at the moment, but the weather report says we’ll see a high of 54 later today. That is best case scenario for the Huskies and our traveling fans. We’re heading out to Qualcomm Stadium around 10:30 to set up the Husky Holiday Bowl Warm Up. Lots of people have been talking about this party, and we are still expecting close to 3,000 fans. I’m excited for the whole thing, though it’s going to be a lot of work. Follow me throughout the day on Facebook and Twitter. Win or lose (though I hope we win!) this should be a special day for Husky Nation.

Wednesday, Dec. 29

Seaport Village, 10:21 a.m.
It’s raining but I live in Seattle and am used to it. So I tossed on my rain jacket and went for a walk into Seaport Village, a spiffy little shopping center right on the water. I got a drip coffee at Starbucks, put the headphones in and braved the wind and rain to get there, but the harbor is neat and the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier is impressive. The Husky football team was up there earlier this week, and there are some sweet photos of the Husky Marching Band playing on the flight deck in today’s Seattle Times. I got some fish tacos and bought a small present for my wife, then headed back to the hotel to start my shift at the info booth.

UWAA Info Booth, 1:15 p.m.
Wow! This place is packed. The Husky Team Shop is set up next to us and they are slammed with people buying this and that. It’s so exciting to see people having fun with the bowl game experience. The info booth is popping and everyone wants to know where the party is at. Well, they’ve come to the right place because we’re the ones throwing this shindig. The info booth has been open all day and we’re seeing a steady stream of traffic at all hours. We’ve got the info on what to do, where to go, how to get to the game, you name it. This is why we’re here and it’s great to be of such help to all these Husky fans. I love you guys!

The “I love the UW” T-shirts are super popular right now, and I have to say we look awfully good in them.

Pacific Beach, 9:15 p.m.
The Husky Happy Hours were a ways away from Gaslamp and the team hotel, but I was impressed with how many fans made it to Pacific Beach. I guess that shows the power of community and the excitement factor that goes along with being near fellow Huskies. Moondoggies was popping with a few hundred folks wearing purple, which Pacific Beach Bar & Grill was a bit more laid back but just as much fun. At Moondoggies, we gave away some great door prizes–T-shirts, a No. 10 jersey and an autographed Steve Sarkisian football. We also watched the 1992 UW-Nebraska game on the big screen, as somebody just so happened to have that on DVD. All in all, it was a pretty cool night. Happy hour prices went to the end if you were wearing purple, and as the UW men’s basketball team went to overtime to beat USC we all cheered the updates.

So much fun being in San Diego for this experience. Can’t wait for the football game!

Tuesday, Dec. 28

SeaTac Airport, 8:13 a.m.
I realized this morning while I was packing for the trip that I was only bringing Husky gear. How cool is it to have a job where you just pack purple for a business trip? Lots of Husky fans were at the airport, along with some Oregon Ducks who were clearly jazzed about their trip to Tempe, Ariz., for the BCS National Championship Game. Enjoy it while it lasts, amigos. The Dawgs are on their way back!

San Diego Airport, 3:04 p.m.
I walked off the plane to sunshine and beautiful blue skies. I thought to myself, “Ah, Los Angeles.” Then I realized I was actually in San Diego. D’oh! The drive along the waterfront was exciting, and our hotel at the Manchester Grand Hyatt is gorgeous. It reminds me of a Las Vegas casino with the marble floors and giant ceilings. We met up with with our fellow UW Alumni Association staffers at the info booth and then checked into our rooms. My view overlooks San Diego Bay and the stunning USS Midway.

UWAA Info Booth, 6:00 p.m.
My shift at the info booth is over and it’s time for dinner. We met plenty of excited UW fans and everyone is looking forward to the Husky Holiday Bowl Warm Up. We’ve pre-registered well over 1,000 and are expecting about 3,000 at the event. Plus, I saw Steve Sarkisian, Jake Locker, Scott Woodward, Sonny Sixkiller and Marques Tuiasosopo in the hotel lobby. This is too much fun.

Gaslamp District, 7:33 p.m.
Dinner at La Fiesta in the Gaslamp Quarter was perfect. The weather was 50-ish degrees and just right, like Baby Bear’s pooridge. I had some chicken enchiladas with salsa verde, and we sat outside with all the excitement around us. We later moved to an Irish pub and met up with some friends, one of whom used to be a colleague at the UWAA. The Gaslamp Quarter is definitely the way to go if you’re in San Diego this week. Lots of hustle and bustle. Lots of purple. Go Dawgs!

One day down, two more to go. You’ve got to love the Holiday Bowl.

Photo by Denis Poroy, AP.


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