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UW 360: Law students exonerate innocent people

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This is an amazing story of redemption and hope.

In 1997, University of Washington Professor Jackie McMurtrie started the Innocence Project Northwest at the UW School of Law. Since then, her team of students has helped exonerate 15 wrongfully convicted people. One of them was released on Christmas Eve 2008 and spent the holidays with his family rather than in a jail cell.

UW 360 explores the Innocence Project Northwest in this stirring video. For more on McMurtrie and the Innocence Project, read this Q&A from Columns magazine.

Also in January’s edition of UW 360:

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One Response to “UW 360: Law students exonerate innocent people”

  1. Caroline Ull wrote:
    October 25, 2011

    I need you. Wrongfully convicted by a coward, a liar, and a MONUMENTALLY arrogant and selfish man to 18 months
    in prison, though I was trying to interest him in doing business
    with me. Served 16 months. Am now homeless, though trained for the opera stage and acting/directing/writing/singing/dancing, and THIS MAN STILL STALKS ME!


    Will be in touch.

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